monica's carrd

  • monica or mon !! (or even mona, shake it up, make it interesting)

  • patrick bateman apologist (i killed those people actually, it was me, my bad /j)

  • villain apologist

  • she/they

  • barely functioning bisexual

  • autistic

  • minor

  • ADD

  • anxiety disorder

  • american (white)

  • multifandom



  • grease

  • scream

  • ferris bueller's day off

  • american psycho

  • the dark knight trilogy

  • mcu films

  • soooo many....

animated movies

  • anastasia

  • the princess and the frog

  • hercules

  • brother bear

  • meet the robinsons

tv shows

  • that 70's show

  • schitt's creek

  • spin city

  • gilmore girls

  • clone high

  • friends

  • criminal minds

  • modern family

  • etc.


  • katy perry

  • my chemical romance

  • ariana grande

  • the beatles

  • wallows

  • taylor swift

  • marina

  • the cars

  • aerosmith

  • and more :)



  • (bold for kins)

  • jackie burkhart (t70s)

  • cameron frye (fbdo)

  • kenickie murdoch (grease)

  • sidney prescott (scream)

  • lorna morello muccio (oitnb)

  • patrick bateman (american psycho)(sorry)

  • penelope garcia (cm)

  • tony stark (marvel)

  • wanda maximoff (marvel)

  • bruce wayne (the dark knight trilogy)

  • selina kyle (the dark knight rises)

  • monica geller (friends)

people / actors

  • john travolta

  • christian bale (in an alternate reality we are married with 12 kids dm me if you wanna hear about it x)

  • johnny depp

  • neve campbell

  • mila kunis

  • alan ruck

  • tom hiddleston

  • robert downey jr

  • meryl streep

  • keanu reeves

  • elizabeth olsen

  • ashton kutcher

  • winona ryder

  • laura prepon

  • leonardo dicaprio

  • seth macfarlane

  • etc.


  • dni if you are sexist

  • homophobic

  • anti black lives matter/ pro blue lives matter

  • pro life

  • trump supporter

  • if you support bi/pan lesbians or believe they are real

  • if you are going to attack me for my likes and dislikes especially if they're one of my hyperfixations

  • not a villain apologist

  • you don't support the #metoo movement

  • if you support and defend amber heard

  • sometimes I’ll like spam, mainly if you’re an acc that shares very similar interests to me, if you’re uncomfortable with that for any reason just dm me!

  • please use tone indicators at certain points when we talk!

  • if I’m following anyone like a mutual or a celeb that you think is problematic just dm me and we can have a conversation

  • please don’t tw food

triggers for my account

  • gore

  • self harm (usually positive though when i update how long i've been clean)

  • violence

  • general horror type things

personal triggers

  • sexual assault

  • self harm

  • grooming

  • rape

moots !!

thanks for reading, i hope we can be moots !!! <3

make sure to drink water, eat something, take ur meds, do what you need to do to take care of yourself love, because you deserve it !! you are seen and loved, and my dms are open ALWAYS

crisis hotlines <3

  • have a great day <33